DGS is an investment management firm dedicated to translating noble-prize winning theories into real world investment solutions. In addition to the Indian markets, we help clients gain tax-efficient access to all major global equity markets including the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our goal is to provide our clients with attractive, long-term results by following a disciplined and systematic approach to investing. The ideas that form the foundation of our investment philosophy have stood up to rigorous testing and a myriad of market environments. 


DGS was founded by Ashish Sharma, CFA, FRM. The name of the firm, Disciplined Growth Strategies (DGS), was inspired by the founder's goal of creating systematic investment strategies that provided clients with consistent and reliable results.


DGS is not a conventional asset manager and its culture promotes and celebrates ideas that challenge the norm. Integrity is at the core of DGS's value system and it always puts the interests of clients above its own in all aspects of its business. 


In an increasingly complex financial system, it is important to formulate and adhere to professional and ethical codes of conduct. DGS has voluntarily adopted the CFA Institute's Asset Manager Code of Conduct to hold itself to the highest standards in the industry.