DGS has assembled a suite of strategies designed to help clients build diversified portfolios that have higher expected returns than standard equity or government bond indices. All our strategies are built on the same foundation of economic logic and investment rationale that we firmly believe in. Our equity strategies are long-only and are aimed at providing higher risk-adjusted returns in the long run.


DGS’s Core Equity strategy is the broadest, most-diversified strategy offered by DGS with access to securities that constitute over 95% of the available market capitalisation. The strategy seeks to outperform the benchmark index using multiple investment styles simultaneously – namely momentum, valuation, and quality - that have low correlations with one another. 


The Low-Volatility strategy aims to reduce overall portfolio volatility while capturing similar long-term returns of broad equity benchmarks. The portfolio is constructed using securities that have low betas and have historically exhibited lower levels of volatility. Low-volatility investing has shown to produce significantly higher risk-adjusted returns over the long run especially during times of heightened volatility. 


The Quality strategy seeks to capture a majority of long-term, broad-market returns while exhibiting reduced risk compared to the benchmark index. The goal is to provide more attractive risk-adjusted return while ensuring a ‘smoother ride’ during times of higher market volatility. This is achieved by investing in high quality securities that are expected to experience lower levels of risk relative to the broad market.


The Value strategy invests in securities that have attractive valuations relative to the broad market. Valuations are determined using a variety of metrics that help evaluating the potential for attractive returns. Investing in attractively priced securities and avoiding purchasing securities trading at a premium has shown to benefit investors with higher returns over the long-term


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