DGS is an investment management firm dedicated to translating decades of award-winning academic research into real world investment solutions. The firm's goal is to provide its clients with attractive, long-term results by following a disciplined and systematic approach to investing. The ideas that form the foundation of their investment philosophy have stood up to rigorous testing and a myriad of market environments.

A Registered Investment Advisor regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and a licensed portfolio manager registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India, DGS has investment expertise that spans various asset classes and multiple markets across the globe. DGS offers its sophisticated investment strategies in separately managed accounts.

In every aspect of its business, DGS always puts the client interests before its own. An independent firm owned by its employees, DGS holds itself to a high standard of professional and ethical conduct. These principles guide the way we manage money, the way we treat our fellow colleagues, and most importantly, the way we work for our clients.



To provide efficient access to global equity markets that deliver sustainable and superior results for our clients.


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