Built on Research. Grounded by Logic.

Our investment philosophy is based on time-tested, Nobel Prize winning research. We do not believe in predicting the future of any one company or the market in general. Instead, we focus our attention on ideas that matter most; the ideas that have shown to benefit investors with positive returns over long periods of time. We call these 'investment styles' and they form the very foundation of our unique investment strategies. By following a systematic and disciplined approach, we implement these styles in various combinations across multiple asset classes around the globe.



Research Driven

Our investment strategies are based on decades of research that have been rigorously tested by academia and industry. We augment this research by our own in-depth data analysis using quantitative tools that allows us to test our investment strategies over different market environments across multiple markets.


Economic Rationale

In addition to being backed by data, our strategies are built on a foundation of sound investment logic and economic rationale. As complicated as the data and analysis might be, the underlying investment principles have to be clear and concise – we call this our ‘common-sense’ test.


Quantitatively Fundamental

We use quantitative tools to analyse large amounts of fundamental data. There is a misconception that quantitative investment strategies are based solely on statistics - that is simply not true. Our strategies are fundamental in nature - we just use financial engineering and quantitative methods to study and analyse large amounts of information. 



Our primary tool of risk management is diversification. We view risk differently than most asset managers. Risk may commonly be measured using volatility but we define risk as the permanent loss of capital. By building diversified portfolios, we limit position sizes and thus reduce permanent capital loss. We also focus on variables such as liquidity, leverage, and volatility when building our strategies.


Portfolio Construction

We use a combination of bottom-up and top-down approach to constructing investment portfolios. The bottom-up approach allows us to choose securities that exhibit the desired characteristics that we want in our portfolio. The top-down approach allows us to avoid security, sector, and risk concentration. The synergy of the two approaches results in a well-diversified portfolio that has the targeted characteristics and avoids any unintended risk concentrations.